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The beauty industry is awash with millions of products, that do everything from taking away the lines on your face to making your hair vibrant and shiny.

The people at Ohana Topical Patches have even been known to try a few of them ourselves.

But don’t you just long for something that gives your beauty regime a boost and doesn’t have a contents label that looked like a chemistry exam paper?

Well now we have just the thing for you, and we think our Total Beauty patches are amazing.

Total Beauty patches are made usinga comprehensive blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that have been shown to support healthy skin, hair and nails.

These vitamins all have different but very important roles when it comes to looking your best.

Biotin, for example, is commonly used and could prevent hair loss, brittle nails and nerve damage while folic acid plays a vital role in helping to maintain the skin's natural beauty and may also provide increased hydration by bolstering skin-barrier function.

Then there is zinc, another key ingredient in Total Beauty patches. Zinc is best known for its use in sunscreens, where it helps prevent against UV damage but its healing properties could help in reducing acne scarring and inflammation and a number of studies have shown that it can mop up excess oil.  

Zinc's cell-repairing properties also make it a must-have for healthy, happy nails.

Simply apply a Total Beauty patch for up to eight hours so it can slowly release the vitamins and goodness that your body needs.

They are vegan friendly and even water-resistant. 

Total Beauty patches offer many proven benefits including ease of use, steady time-release delivery, comfort, wearability, convenience and long storage life.

What could be simpler than sticking on an all-natural vitamin patch to help make you look and feel great? Surely you are worth it?

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