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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

It doesn’t matter if it’s a knock picked up while playing sport, the rough and tumble of bringing up children or just general wear and tear as we get older – we all get aches and pains.

Here at Ohana Patches, we know that even a minor issue with your joints can be really debilitating and you need to be on you’re A-game to get through the day .

So you’ll be glad to know that our Joint Ease patches are formulated with natural ingredients, minerals, and vitamins that have a history of use for supporting healthy joint function

Ohana Joint Ease patches contain the mineral manganese, a component of various enzymes that are used in the production of our bones, cartilages and are essential for creating healthy joint tissue.

We all have this naturally occurring mineral in our body although in very small amounts, and it is also found in several foods including nuts, legumes, seeds, tea, whole grains, and leafy green vegetables.

It is an essential nutrient, because the body requires it to function properly. When we suffer from aching joints or find our body is not functioning properly.

Ohana’s Joint Ease patch releases the nutrients into the body that are essential for consistent healthy joints.

In fact, using a patch a day could soon make you feel healthy and stronger in no time.

The patch also contains Vitamin C; which can strengthen your body’s natural defences.

The beauty of Ohana Joint Ease patches is that they do all the hard work for you. The patch slowly releases its nutrients for up to eight hours and stays attached to your skin the whole time.

Joint Ease is just one of the patches released by Ohana in the UK to help people with everything from improving health and energy levels to aiding sleep.

You can just stick them on your shoulder, back or hip. They are vegan friendly and even water-resistant. 

So give you joints a boost and help bring an end to the pain which affects your life.

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